LWC is on Ethereum

from now on, it will be exchangeable with most important cryptocurrencies
on this decentralized and open-source blockchain platform

LWC is an accessible token, that has been designed for a very specific purpose. Actually,
LWC is the official Token of Linework, a social network based on decentralized technology
of the blockchain.

But, first of all, Linework is a revolution: it gives you access to the global community of its
social network in an immediate, transversal way and without restriction of terrestrial
borders. And not only that: Linework gives you access to international visibility because it
believes that the people you already know in life are not necessarily your customers of
tomorrow or those who will allow you to put your business together. Linework opens the
doors of the world and world business to you, free and without limits thanks to LWC.

Linework was founded in May 2020 in France and has opened its Italian headquarters in
June 2021. LWC was launched on Waves.exchange in July 2020 and it was rated 12 $.

Today, we are proud to announce that LWC is also exchangeable on Ethereum since
September 6, 2021. On this platform, the value of LWC is 0,090 ETH, par to 353,03 $.

Noel Damien (Founder & CEO) said:

We are very happy to announce that from Monday 6 September 2021 LWC will also be on
Ethereum. It is an important step for the growth of our company and our business. We are
already successfully presenting on Waves.exchange and this further step demonstrates the
solidity of the project and the great interest of the Blockchain and Crypto Economy’s

For more information and details visit linework.pro

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